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1. ________ people were interested.

2. ________ plan

3. ________ that film was a complete waste of time

4. ________ you mind if I told them?

5. ________ of us did it.

6. ________ this, I always felt I would succeed.

7. ________ plan is very different.

8. ________ people have fallen ill than predicted

9. ________ the appalling weather, they managed to get to work on time

10. ________ too few tickets bought to make the concert worthwhile

English Test

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20. ESL-EFL Test - 93
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    Oxalis Versicolor

    The Oxalis versicolor is considered as one of the most beautiful of the many species cultivated in gardens, and, though well known to, and described by several of the older Botanists, has graced our collections but a few years, being introduced to the Royal Garden at Kew, from the Cape (where, as well as in Ethiopia, it grows spontaneously) by Mr. Masson, in the Year 1774.Many of this genus flower early in the spring, the season in which this species also puts forth its blossoms, but by dexterous management it may be made to flower during most of the year, and this is effected by placing the pea like tubera or knobs which the root sends forth, and by which the plant is propagated, in pots filled with loam and bog earth at stated distant periods.Like most of the Cape plants, it is well adapted to the greenhouse, and succeeds best when placed on a front shelf of the house, where it can have plenty of light and air, some keep it in the stove, but there the plant is drawn up, and the flowers lose a part of their brilliancy in no situation do they ever expand but when the sun shines on them, this is the less to be regretted, as they are most beautiful when closed.

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