Spotting Errors in Sentence
Directions: In each of the questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error.

1. Even though it was (a) / raining bad (b) / I went out (c) / to get some medicines. (d) / No error (e)

2. Rahul was in need (a) / of money and (b) / sold out his gold medal for hundred rupees (c) / to one of his hiends. (d) / No error (e)

3. If there had been (a) / no new thinking, (b) / life would follow the beaten track. (c) /No error (d)

4. I will put on (a) / a note in this regard (b) / for your consideration (c) / and necessary decision. (d) / No error (e)

5. Children visiting the (a) / park are amused (b) / by the monkeys (c) / play in the cages. (d) / No error (e)

6. After toiling very hardly (a) / over a long period of time (b) / he found that people recognised him as a successful person. (c) /No error (d)

7. The book on sociology (a) / brought in the market recently (b) / is really an asset (c) / for all college students. (d) No error (e)

8. The student (a) / answered to (b) / the question (c) / asked by the inspector of school (d) / No error (e)

9. A series of lectures (a) / of Indian philosophy (b) / are arTanged by the University (c) / No error (d)

10. Sharad was entrusted with (a) / the task of coordinating yesterday's programme, (b) / but due to. certain difficulties (c) he does not do it. (d) / No error (e)

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