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1. Many scientists believe global warming ________

2. He _________ silly questions.

3. I _________ mind at all.

4. She can ________ it.

5. Which is correct?

6. We made lots of friends ________ we were in Mexico

7. Let me know when you ________ this letter.

8. Which is correct?

9. John and Mary __________ twice a week.

10. It _________ sense.

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  • Rules to play Soccer

    Fouls and Misconduct

    The two types of fouls in soccer are a penal or major fouls and non penal know as minor fouls. The nine major types of of major fouls are as follows; Holding another player Handling the ball with your hands(other than the goal keeper) Hitting a or spitting at another player Pushing another player Tripping another player Charging a player from behind Jumping up at a player kicking another player Charging another player in a rough way.
    If one of the following offences are committed the referee will blow his whistle and award a direct free kick, if within the 18 yard box, a penalty will be awarded.There are also 5 non penal minor fouls, they are as follows; Dangerous play, for example a high kick that endangers another player. Fair charging and obstructing another player intentionally while not in playing distance of the ball charging the goalkeeper while in the goal area law infringements by a goalkeeper Wasting time intentionally If one of the following were to occur, the referee will blow his whistle and award a indirect free kick to the opposition team. The two kinds of misconduct are as follows; A players actions resulting in a yellow card being given, this is a warning, player may continue to play. A players actions results in a red card, two yellow cards also equal a red card.A player that is given a red card to to leave the field of play for the remainder of the game, and is not allowed to be replaced by another player.

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