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1. The capital city, ________ cathedral is one of the finest in the country, is worth visiting.

2. Two guys, ________ car had broken down, asked me for a lift

3. He's been accused of ________ from his company.

4. I was attacked and ________ last night.

5. You'll have to try to get in touch with the person ________ is responsible for staff training

6. Is there a shop nearby ________ sells stamps?

7. They arrested the man ________ was over the alcohol limit

8. The hotel ________ we stayed was good.

9. You'll have to speak to the person ________ is in charge

10. Stratford is the town ________ Shakespeare was born in.

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    All the misfortunes that Suryakant Tripathi Nirala had faced during his lifetime certainly bothered him much even after they were past, culminating into a deadly disease which would ultimately lead to his death in the year 1961. Suryakant Tripathi was a victim of schizophrenia during the later stages of his life and died on October 15, 1961. He left behind a collection of work in Hindi literature which are still celebrated and admired by the present generation.

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