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1. I haven't had such fun ________ the last time we met

2. Someone ________ my wallet on the train to work.

3. They walked out of the room without ________ a word.

4. Which letter is silent?- Debt

5. I have been living here ________ July

6. He hasn't worked ________ he was made redundant

7. Which letter is silent?- Doubt

8. I dare ________ things will turn out fine.

9. I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep ________ our daughter was born

10. He hasn't been able to work ________ the last three weeks

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  • Tie Knots

    Christensen Tie Knot

    An ingenious knot which has an unusual cruciform structure is the Christenson . It is tied similar to the four-in-hand or Simple tie knot but gives a result with much straighter sides. Invented by a Swedish woman Amanda Christensen, it was very popular at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries . This knot is well suited for any length of ties, though intended for a tie of equal width along its entire length. Ties made of a thinner material give a long, rectangular shape rather than a triangular shape with the Christensen knot.

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