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1. I haven't seen him ________ last week

2. I haven't seen her ________ a fortnight

3. A number of'is followed by a _________ verb.

4. The film lasted ________ two hours

5. They've known about it ________ a long time

6. She's been on holiday ________ the last three weeks

7. It's been a long time ________ I've had such a good meal in a restaurant

8. It's the first time I've eaten snails ________ I was in France on holiday

9. ________ when have you been allowed to do that?

10. Glasses

English Test

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  • Breathtaking Arabic Mehndi Designs

    Designs 11

    For those looking for a different design for Eid and other occasions this one will be a good choice, since it has a great mix of patterns and shading. The fingers are also decorated with mehendi and the middle finger is given special importance with multiple patterns and lace like design. The circular design on the top of the hand, the lace design on the wrist and the shading done on the fingers makes the design very unique.

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