Spotting Errors in Sentence
Directions: In each of the questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error.

1. He was fascinated by insects (a) / and the more he studied their habits (b) greater was his fascination. (c) / No error (d)

2. I am but (a) / a humble seeker after truth (b) / and bent upon finding it. (c) No error (d)

3. The Hindi and the Marathi are (a) different forms of the Sanskrit language, (b) / which were once spoken (c) / in almost every part of India. (d) / No error (e)

4. There is still (a) / little tea (b) / left in the cup. (c) / No error (d)

5. Our Housing Society comprises of (a) / six blocks and (b) / thirty three flats in an (c) / area of about thousand sq. metres. (d) / No error (e)

6. There goes Old Mrs. Roy (a) / and her meek (b) / little husband (c) No error (d)

7. As it was Rajan's (a) / first interview he dressed him (b) / in his most (c) / formal suit. (d) /No error (e)

8. It being a holiday (a) / all the hostel inmates (b) / decided to celebrate (c) / by going out to a movie. (d) / No error (e)

9. This watch (a) / is superior and (b) more expensive than that. (c) / No error (d)

10. If I knew (a) / that my friend had planned to visit the town today, (b) / I would have made his stay comfortable. (c) / No error (d)

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