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1. How many ________ there?

2. I didn't know him ________, but I was still upset when he died

3. The coffee was ________ to drink so I left it for a minute to cool

4. There wasn't ________ for everybody to get in

5. ________ there any difficulty in finding it?

6. If I were you, I ________ her straightaway.

7. I didn't buy the jacket because it was ________

8. She can't sleep because she drinks ________ coffee

9. If it took all day, ___ you want to do it?

10. The shoes were ________ so I didn't buy them

English Test

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  • Cricket Kit


    The picture above illustrates the simplest form of cricket scoreboard, that is typically found in most club matches,The first row shows the number of runs that has been scored so far by the team that is presently batting. The second rows, titled wickets, shows how many outs have occured...10 outs, it may be recalled, would be the maximum number allowed for an inning. The line titled overs shows how many pitches ( 6 times the number of overs) have been delivered during the current inning. The over count is important in limited over matches, where a team may be allowed a maximum number of overs to bat....in the example, which is of a 50 over (300 pitch) limit, the batting team has clearly batted for more than half its allotted overs.If the other team has already batted, its score is shown along the bottom of the scoreboard, as in thie example. This would then be the score the the team batting has to beat, in order to win the game. There are more elaborate scoreboards...some showing the current individual scores of both batters who are on the field, others giving the score of the last person to be out. But if you can read the key numbers, you will be able to follow a game in progress.

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