Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. Alexander,
(P) was a disciple of Aristotle,
(Q) who was a great conqueror,
(R)whom the world acknowledges as the greatest philosopher
(S) the world has ever known

2. The doctor's offer
(P) not only saved Julie
(Q) but enabled her to blossom into a happy woman
(R) from the jaws of death
(S) of marriage

3. (1) Even though he had prepared well
(P) in the examination hall
(Q) and could not do well
(R) for the examination, (S) he got nervous
(6) as well as he had hoped to do.

4. (1) I wasn't sure
(P) to hear his voice
(Q) in my heart of hearts (R) through that window once more,
(S) what I really wished
(6) or never to see him there again.

5. (P)we shall hardly expect to find life there
(Q) knowing that
(R) there is neither air nor water
(S) on the moon

6. (1) The man
(P) to be changed
(Q) who resolves
(R)by the first counter suggestion of a friend
(S) but suffers his resolution
(6) can never accomplish anything great or useful.

7. (1) What the country needs
(P) and change tactics
(Q) who would encourage players
(R) are coaches and officials
(S) to read the game as it progresses
(6) accordingly.

8. There was
(P) needed for its everyday life
(Q) a time when each family
(R) for itself most of the things it
(S) actually produced

9. (1) There are people
(P) to be able to say
(Q) not because they enjoy the book,
(R) who read a book
(S) but because they want
(6)that they have read it.

10. (1) After a laborious life
(P) to the quiet village where he was born
(Q)most of which he had spent in the metropolis,
(R) and where he intended to spend
(S) he retired in his old age
(6) his remaining years.

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