Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. (1) If all the nations
(P) for the common good of mankind
(Q)then they will never fight with each other
(R) work together
(S) and agree to obey these laws,
(6) and there will be.no war.

2. It is
(P) the king and his four sons
(Q) believed that
(R)when they were riding in a royal procession
(S) were killed

3. Padukone's retirement
(P) as is obvious
(Q) his concern for the game
(R) has not diminished
(S) when he talks of the Badminton Association of India

4. (1) Excavators have discovered
(P) in Iraqs
(Q) and half animal figure
(R) a colossal half human
(S) dating back to the lee Ages
(6) northern city of Mosul.

5. The reporter of the newspaper informs us that
(P) Lala Lajpat Rai spent
(Q)lecturing widely and attracting many American leaders
(R)to sympathise with the Indian nationalist position
(S) almost five years in America

6. (P) One has no right in law
(Q) of a tenant's room
(R) to break open the lock
(S) and take its possession

7. (1) On reaching the station
(P) he first looked around
(Q) and when he could find none
(R) he just lifted his luggage
(S) for a coolie
(6) and walked down to the platform

8. (P) deserve all honour in society
(Q) in doing their job well
(R) men of conscience who take pride
(S) whatever its nature

9. (1) He dared
(P) the forty thieves
(Q) to fight
(R) who
(S) challenged him
(6) to a duel

10. If you need help
(P) promptly and politely
(Q) ask for attendants
(R) to help our customers
(S) who have instructions

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