Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. The invasion of India
(P)is more interesting than any other episode of early Indian history
(Q)to most European readers
(R)by Alexander the Great of Macedonia
(S) which occurred during the rule of the Nandas

2. As the whole human blood and its related blood products
(P) the collection and distribution is
(Q) are drugs,
(R) and rules there under
(S) regulated under Drugs and Cosmetics Act

3. (1) Never
(P) that which
(Q) Put Off
(R) till tomorrow
(S) can be done
(6) today

4. Without books
(P) no cultured society is possible
(Q) no fresh ideas are possible
(R) and
(S) without fresh ideas

5. (1) 1 reasoned wiih him
(P) but could not disabuse him
(Q) that the lawyer
(R) for an hour
(S) of the notion
(6) who had his case in hand was incompetent.

6. (1) Haryana gets the credit
(P) for the first time
(Q) for training block level extension farmers
(R) for using INSAT-2
(S) in the country
(6) in various aspects of agriculture

7. (1) According to reports
(P) were still trapped inside
(Q) bogies
(R) the wrecked
(S) some of the passengers
(6) of the express

8. (1) The Minister of State for power
(P) laying emphasis
(Q) in conservation of electricity in industries
(R)has written to his counterparts in State Governments
(S) on bringing about improvement
(6) by introduction of energy efficient equipment.

9. I read an advertisement that said
(P) posh, air conditioned
(Q) gentlemen of taste
(R) are available for
(S) fully furnished rooms

10. (1) If you are serious about
(P) vocabulary building not a hobby,
(Q) you will have to make
(R) an absorbing interest,
(S) increasing your vocabulary,
(6)or even an obsession.

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