Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. Milton said that
(P) those persons
(Q) would be damned
(R) who do not obey
(S) God's commands

2. During hibernation
(P)they have lost a good deal of weight
(Q) of course the animals consume
(R) and when they awake again
(S) the fats accumulated in the surnmer

3. The ultimate hope
(P) will force the nations
(Q) that the destructive nature of weapons
(R) to give up war
(S) has not been fulfilled

4. (1) The social groups in power
(P) especially when these happen to depend upon the state
(Q) have always manipulated the education systems
(R) for their very existence,
(S) to strengthen and perpetuate
(6) their own privileged position.

5. The statement
(P) therefore you must listen carefully
(Q) what the speaker has said
(R) in order to understand
(S) will be made just-once

6. By this time
(P) at the railway- station
(Q) reported mass looting
(R) reports of violence were flooding in
(S) while police dispatches

7. A policeman
(P) to abide
(Q) if he has to do well,
(R) by the strict letters of the law
(S) cannot afford

8. This majestic mahogany table
(P) belongs to an old prince
(Q) which has one leg missing
(R) who is now impoverished
(S) but not without some pride

9. (1) The little girl
(P) for the mother to leave
(Q) said to her ftiend
(R) little children on their own
(S) it was not quite right
(6) and go to work

10. Village and small industries while requiring limited capital
(P) cadprovide
(Q) a variety of goods for consumption
(R) and produce
(S) employment to large numbers

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