Chemistry (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Which one of the following is an active component of oil of clove? [1997]

2. The offending substance in the liquor fagedies leading to blindness etc. is [1996]

3. The water pollution in river is measured by the dissolved amount of [1998]

4. Which one of the following is used as an explosive?

5. The purpose of adding sodium sulphate and sodium silicate to the detergent in a washing powder is [2003]
1. to keep the washing powder dry
2. to maintain the alkalinity of the powder Which of these statements is/are correct?

6. Excessive release of the pollutant carbon monoxide (CO) into the air may produce a condition in which oxygen supply in the human body decreases. What causes this condition? [2010]

7. Which one among the following is called philosopher's wool? [2007]

8. Which of the following substances are found in the beach sands of many parts of Kerala? [2006]
1. Ilmenite
2. Zirecon
3. Sillimanite
4. TungstenSelect the correct answer using the codes given below:

9. Which one of the following is produced during the formation of photochemical smog? [2003]

10. Which one of the following pairs of metals constitutes the lightest metal and the heaviest metal, respectively? [2008]

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