General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. According to the Mo-HRD there will be no examination for the 10th standard called the boards in India from the year

2. The Asiatic Cheetah being the Asian breed that was once found in the forest of India. At present its hightest number is found in

3. Recently Iran moved one step closer as a nation that intends to have a nuclear arsenal in its army. II. Iran is a signatory to the discriminatory deal called NPT as a non nuclear member State

4. Kosi and some other rivers created severe problem in some parts of the country recently. What is/are the major causes of flood in a river? (A)Snowmelt, (B) High peak discharge of water (C) Strom Surge

5. Who among the following persons bought the sword of Tipu Sultan in London and brought it back to India ?

6. Which of the following organizations has provided a US$ 150 million loan to over haul the khadi & Village Industry in India?

7. The Prime Minister of India recently flagged off the first ever train in the Kashmir valley. The train will cover which of the following pairs of stations on its final completions?

8. The recently launched Oceansat-II satellite was launched by which launch vehicle of ISRO

9. IEX and PXIL are

10. The election of the UN General Assembly took place on October 17th 2008 in which five countries were elected non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. Which of the following in not one of them?

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