General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. There are how many strains of H & N proteins that cumulatively make up the HN breed of flu virus (eg. being the presently famous H1N1 virus)

2. Which of the following companies became India's first listed IT firm to have crossed $1 billion turnover?

3. The United States has granted the status of major non-NATO ally? to which of the following countries recently ?

4. Who is the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka ?

5. Who is the Secretary General of the Commonwealth group of nation Secretariat

6. The United States has granted the status of major non-NATO ally to which of the following countries recently?

7. India has signed an agreement to procure Advanced Jet Trainer (Hawk) from which of the following countries?

8. Which of the following reflects the importance of 8th November 2008 in the history of India?

9. Which of the following statements are correct: 1. The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) is located presently in six places. 2. Among the places where NIPER is located, Raibareli & Gawhati are two of them

10. In the logo of Ashokan Dharmachakra that was adopted by the SC has the following inscription

General Knowledge

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