General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Which nation at present has the highest number of Cheetah in the world

2. In the HINI Virus what does the alphabet H and N stands for: I H stands for haemagglutinin II N stands for neuraminidase

3. There are how many strains of H & N proteins that cumulatively make up the HN breed of flu virus (eg. being the presently famous H1N1 virus)

4. The United States has granted the status of major non-NATO ally? to which of the following countries recently ?

5. Recently, according to the latest data released by United Nation Development Programme (UNDP); Dhravi was overtaken by which slum located at which city as the infamous title of being the Asia's largest slum

6. India has decided to invest how much money in the IMF to have its allocated reserve increased in the international lending institution and thus pave the way for increased percentage of the voting right allocated to the nation

7. Which is the only state that has applied the electronic payment facility for its traders so that they could make their VAT payment through e-payment?

8. Who is the Secretary General of the Commonwealth group of nation Secretariat

9. Kosi and some other rivers created severe problem in some parts of the country recently. What is/are the major causes of flood in a river? (A)Snowmelt, (B) High peak discharge of water (C) Strom Surge

10. According to the Mo-HRD there will be no examination for the 10th standard called the boards in India from the year

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