General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. The recent fighting between the Shia and the Sunni community in the otherwise peaceful nation Yeman involves the proxy game of superiority between which of the two nation of the middle east

2. There are how many strains of H & N proteins that cumulatively make up the HN breed of flu virus (eg. being the presently famous H1N1 virus)

3. The 9th South Asian Federation Games were held recently in which of the following cities ?

4. Which are the two nation having the highest SDR (special drawing right) in the IMF

5. In the logo of Ashokan Dharmachakra that was adopted by the SC has the following inscription

6. The Government of India is planning to introduce whicch of the following Acts to ensure that foreign investments are not a threat to national security?

7. The recently published book that compiled the treasury of landmark speeches of the Indian leaders named "Great Indian and their Landmark Speeches" is written by

8. The recently launched Oceansat-II satellite was launched by which launch vehicle of ISRO

9. The United States has granted the status of major non-NATO ally to which of the following countries recently?

10. The International Equipment machine number that is the unique identification number given to each mobile by its manufacturer has been made mandatory in India; in this context the GSM and the CDMA have the IEMN that is technically called (respectively) I International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and; II Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEI)

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    Phapar ka Roti

    Phapar ko roti is a traditional buckwheat chapati.Mix all ingredients with 1 cup of water and knead to make a thick paste. Spread a heap of paste over a big banana leaf, covered by another banana leaf, and bake in a pan for 1 min. Transfer the partially baked dough with banana leaf inside the earthen oven in a vertical position for 3 min. Remove the banana leaf while eating. Phapar ko roti is served with Philinge ko achar or Silam ko achar.

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