General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. The 9th South Asian Federation Games were held recently in which of the following cities ?

2. The Prime Minister of India recently flagged off the first ever train in the Kashmir valley. The train will cover which of the following pairs of stations on its final completions?

3. Which statement is correct: I. India is a nuclear power State as per the original guide lines of the NPT. II. India has not signed the NPT but is a signatory to the CTBT

4. The Asiatic Cheetah being the Asian breed that was once found in the forest of India. At present its hightest number is found in

5. Who amongst the following cricketers recently joined the club of 300 wicket takers in Test Cricket?

6. Which statement is correct I. Shashi Tharoor was the former under Secretary in the United Nation II. Presently he is the Foreign Minister of India.

7. The United States has granted the status of major non-NATO ally? to which of the following countries recently ?

8. The recently published book that compiled the treasury of landmark speeches of the Indian leaders named "Great Indian and their Landmark Speeches" is written by

9. The election of the UN General Assembly took place on October 17th 2008 in which five countries were elected non-permanent members of the UN Security Council. Which of the following in not one of them?

10. Which statement is correct: I. The climate Change Bill passed by the US Congress recently is called by the name of Waxman-Marney Bill. II. the Bill was passed by a landslide victory with even the Republican supporting it.

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