General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Recently which of the following became the first country in the world to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school under a programme called One Laptop per Child?

2. Out of the following artists,who has written the book "The Science of Bharat Ntyam"?

3. Recently the major church of which of the following European country has become the first to conduct same-sex marriages?

4. Which statement is correct: I. The G-20 meet was held in the manufacturing town of Pittsburg. II. The next meet of the G-20 is to be held in Canada

5. Who among the following is the chairman of National Commission on Farmers ?

6. What is the deadline fixed by RBI for all the regional Rural Banks across the country to be fully CBS compliant?

7. Sakharov Prize is given to individuals / organizations dedicating their lives to the defense of human rights & freedoms. Russian civil rights society Memorial was conferred with this award in 2009. Which among the following body gives this annual Prize?

8. According to an announcement made in September, 2009 by the Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Mr. Kapil Sibal, which State of India would get two Central Universities?

9. Who among the following is the chairperson of National Commission for Women ?

10. .Recently we read about the Goldstone report in the newspapers. Goldstone report is related to which of the following?

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