General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Sakharov Prize is given to individuals / organizations dedicating their lives to the defense of human rights & freedoms. Russian civil rights society Memorial was conferred with this award in 2009. Which among the following body gives this annual Prize?

2. Which of the following governments passed the Matthew Shepard Act which was in news recently?

3. Which one of the following is included in the World List of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO?

4. In context of the ongoing awareness and actions worldwide about Climate Change and Environment protection, what is the maximum safe level of Carbon Dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere which has been also called as climatological tipping point and demands for mitigation of global warming before we reach at this point?

5. Recently at a meeting of the cabinet led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the government has raised the budget of the 2010 Commonwealth Games from Rs. 767 crore to ____?

6. Many a times we read in the news papers about the talks going on about India-SACU Preferential Trade Agreement. SACU is a Southern African Customs Union (SACU) with how many members of Southern Africa?

7. At which of the following place a recent summit of FOCAC (Forum on China Africa Cooperation) was held ?

8. In which year India launched Targeted Public Distribution System ?

9. Who among the following is the chairman of National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council ?

10. Recently Cabeus crater was in news. Where among the following locations is it located?

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    Rafting Dont

    Do not stand up in moving current. If you unintentionally fall into the water, you want to float on your back with your toes pointed up, facing downstream.
    Do not wear cotton if you are going rafting in the cold weather. For the cooler months wetsuits, neoprene, polypropylene and wool are all items you can wear to keep you warm and dry.
    Do not bring use alcohol or illegal substances while on your trip. It is dangerous and can bring harm to you, your guides, and fellow rafters.
    Do not use your paddle as a splashing device
    Avoid fallen debris and trees branches in the river

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