General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Cortes Generales is the name of the Parliament of which one of the following countries?

2. India-born ---, a member of U.S. President Barack Obama's faith advisory council, on December 4, 2009, won the 2010 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion.

3. Alstom was, on December 11, 2009, awarded a supply contract by Termgetsoelektrarna Sostanj for the construction of a coal-fired steam power plant at Sostanj in northeast

4. According to a report released by the UN in October 2009, how many people worldwide go hungry?

5. As per the State of the Forest Report (SFR) 2009 aims to add 20,000 MW of power by the year

6. Kaiane Aldorino of ---, on December 12, 2009, won the 2009 Miss World crown at a glittering ceremony in Johannesburg, defeating 111 contestants from across the world.

7. Which of the following pairs (Recent Books: Authors) is not correct?

8. The annual use of global water resources for agriculture, according to UN Food and Agriculture Organization, is

9. Researchers from Columbia Initiative in Systems Biology recently discovered two genes, C/EPB and Stat3, responsible for the most aggressive forms of human ---.

10. On which recent date did the Union Cabinet clear the National Green Tribunal Bill paving the way for setting up a National Green tribunal?

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    Nati a traditional dance form of Himachal Pradesh is largely performed during celebrations. The dance reflects the rich natural beauty of this serene place. The dance involved slow moves but a sequence is maintained throughout the dance. Dancers join their hands and move in a clockwise direction in large circles with the music. In all, there are thirteen types of dancing styles in Nati itself. Nati was initially performed by men dancers wearing famous Himachali caps and Kurta and Churidaars. However, now it is performed with men & women together. The music throughout the dance is played manually on special drums and trumpets that are specifically made for Himachali Nati.

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