General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. -, on December 5, 2009, announced to establish a natural fibres bank to conserve and promote planting material for commercial exploitation.

2. India has signed a landamrk deal for sale of Dhruv Advance Light Helicopters (ALHs) with

3. On which recent date did the Nepali government hold a Cabinet meeting at Kalapatthar in the Everest region, endorsing a declaration on climate issues?

4. Detroit in the U. S. A. is known as the city of

5. The - Government, on January 1, 2010, imposed a ban on holding strike in all power corporations under energy department for six months in public interest.

6. In the worst fire in Russian history, more than 100 people were killed and still more wounded in a nightclub in the Ural city of Perm on -. 2009.

7. A commemorative stamp on 19th century poet and educationist - was released in Kolkata in December 2009.

8. The term "Fourth Estate" refers to

9. Renowned sarod and sitar maker - died in Kolkata on January 2, 2010.

10. Prominent barrister of Indian origin -. who has handled high profile cases in the U.K., was appointed a Recorder by Queen Elizabet on December 29, 2009.

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