General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. P. D. Dinakaran who hogged the headlines in newspapers and against whom the Rajya Sabha recently admitted motion seeking his removal is the Chief Justice of

2. Bhutan is producing about 1,500 Megawatt from its existing power projects. What per cent of this production of power does it sell to India?

3. During Dr. Manmohan Singh's visit to Russia in December 2009, the total number of agreements signed between the two countries (India and Russia) is-

4. In the budget figures of the Government of India, fiscal deficit is

5. The next annual UN climate change conference will be held towards the end of 2010 in-

6. India proposes to sign Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with-

7. According to the recently released World Bank Report, the Chinese economy grew by the close of fourth quarter of 2009 at the rate of

8. Which of the following is the latest Tank?

9. Which organisation collects data for the unorganised sector?

10. The Leaders of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha respectively are-

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