General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. The new NASSCOM Chairman is-

2. As per the 2009 Human Development India's rank in Human Development Index is

3. As per Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty(START) signed by the Russian and the US Presidents in April 2010, the two nations will reduce their nuclear weapons stockpile by

4. The Best Parliamentarian Award for 2009 has been conferred on-

5. The deal 'New START' has recently been signed between-

6. Who among the following clinched Junior Boy's single title in Australian Open 2010(Tennis Championship)?

7. Matatilla Multi-purpose Project is located on

8. Which of the following Constitutional Amendment Bills in Pakistan aimed at stripping the president of key powers?

9. Which one of the following business magnates has been adjudged the 'Business Person of the Year 2008' by The Times of India Survey?

10. Which of the European countries recently came into news for eruption of volcano?

General Knowledge

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