General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. The 'Emerging Player of the Year 2008' Award was given by ICC to which Sri Lankan cricketer?

2. Stagflation is a situation of

3. Sebastian Vettel recently emerged winner in-

4. As per Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty(START) signed by the Russian and the US Presidents in April 2010, the two nations will reduce their nuclear weapons stockpile by

5. The All India Management Association (AIMA) Lifetime Achievement Award has been conferred on-

6. In Economics the terms "Utility" and "Usefulness" have

7. The recommendations of the 11th Finance Commission covered the period -

8. The deal 'New START' has recently been signed between-

9. The Best Parliamentarian Award for 2009 has been conferred on-

10. Which one of the following books had been named as winner of the Best of the Booker Award in 2008?

General Knowledge

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  • Rules to play 3 Ball Pool


    There are several other 3 ball rule variations, (that are non standard and must be declared before play commences,) and differences that one may encounter depending on the locale. Some nuances include
    If the shooting player neglects to drive at least one ball to the pocket, or fails to contact another object ball followed by another ball contacting any rail, shall be assessed a foul. (This rule, however, is illogical based on 3 ball scoring rules.)
    1 point punishment for any jump, masse legal or otherwise. (mainly imposed by some table owners for fear damage to their pool table cloth.
    On any given stroke, should a scratch occur, all balls pocketed are to be spotted and a 1 point punishment applied. Of course, if playing 3 ball billiard on a coin operated pool table, this rule is not feasible.
    If the shooting player misses the rack on the break shot, the subsequent break attempts must be taken from where the cue ball comes to rest from the previous shot.
    3 ball gaming software for online 3 ball has yet to mimic the realistic nature of the game of three ball. This is likely because the investment needed to rewrite the software would outweigh the profits.

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