General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. Where was the sixteenth ASEAN Summit held?

2. Who among the following clinched Junior Boy's single title in Australian Open 2010(Tennis Championship)?

3. The 2011 Cricket World Cup shall be co-hosted by

4. In April 2010, the Labour Minister of G-20 countries held a two-days meet in

5. With which one of the following rivers is the Omkareshwar Project associated?

6. The name of India's first aircraft carrier is

7. Dantewada was news recently for the reason of-

8. Asko Parpola recently bagged-

9. Who among the following translated the Autobiography of Madam Curie in Hindi?

10. Matatilla Multi-purpose Project is located on

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    Bernoulli was right

    Lay a postcard bent lengthways on the table. You would certainly think that it would be easy to overturn the card if you blew hard underneath it. Try it! However hard you blow, the card will not rise from the table. On the contrary, it clings more firmly.
    Daniel Bernoulli, a Swiss scientist of the eighteenth century, discovered that the pressure of a gas is lower at higher speed. The air stream produces a lower pressure under the card, so that the normal air pressure above presses the card on to the table.

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