General Knowledge - Current Affairs

1. In April 2010, the Labour Minister of G-20 countries held a two-days meet in

2. Which one of the following books had been named as winner of the Best of the Booker Award in 2008?

3. Stagflation is a situation of

4. The new NASSCOM Chairman is-

5. In the National Integration Council, reconstituted in April 2010, the number of members is

6. The Copenhagen Accord related to climate change was adopted on

7. India recently signed a major deal on education with-

8. With which one of the following rivers is the Omkareshwar Project associated?

9. Which one of the following business magnates has been adjudged the 'Business Person of the Year 2008' by The Times of India Survey?

10. Which of the European countries recently came into news for eruption of volcano?

General Knowledge

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    Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th has been a source of superstition ever since the 19th century. Though its origin is shrouded in speculations and theories its impact is quite evident. Many people will purposely avoid doing anything significant (like business meetings socials banquets etc) due to the belief that the day is cursed and its a source of ill fortune.

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