General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. The 2010 winner countries of the Thomas & Uber Cup held in May 2010 are as follows:

2. Recently Agni III was tested successfully for the fourth time from Wheelers Island in Orissa on February 7, 2010. Which among the following describes Agni III?

3. Which of the following date is the date of International Mother Language Day recognized by United Nations which also signifies Language movement Day in Bangladesh?

4. Arubindo express , a new train which was recently flagged off from Howrah is destined to ________?

5. Which month is observed as National Poetry Month in USA and Canada?

6. How many Indian women corporate leaders have made it to the Forbes' list of Asia Pacific's 48 "Heroes Of Philanthropy" released recently ?

7. Which of the following country recently came out with a decision to create a "Mother Earth Ministry" ?

8. Every year which of the following body identifies 200-300 extraordinary individuals, drawn from every region of the world to make class of Young Global Leaders?

9. As per the latest Economic survey, India has become world's 10th largest gold-holding country as recently government's purchase of 200 tones of gold from the International Monetary Fund took its total reserves to 557.7 tones. What fraction (approximately) of India's Total Foreign Exchange Reserves was this 557.7 tones of Gold?

10. Which of the following countries has won maximum number of all medals combinely in the recently held 2010 Winter Olympics ?

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