General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. In January 2010, which of the following two countries were in news for lifting "discriminatory" travel limits that previously prevented people living with HIV from entering both nations? (Currently more than 60 countries have these restrictions and UNAIDS opposes this )

2. Which of the following countries has won maximum number of all medals combinely in the recently held 2010 Winter Olympics ?

3. Which of the following dates in April is designated World Hemophilia Day, by the United Nations?

4. During the recent visit of Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh to Saudi Arabia, India and Saudi Arabia signed nine agreements including all important extradition treaty as India is one among the very first countries with who Saudi Arabia signs extradition treaty. As of March 2010, with how many countries India has signed Extradition Treaties ?

5. Which of the following districts of Karnataka was recently in news as Arcellor Mittal decides to locate its proposed six million tonne per annum steel plant in this district?

6. Arubindo express , a new train which was recently flagged off from Howrah is destined to ________?

7. Augastino Rono who recently won the latest Edition of Chennai Marathon belongs to which of the following countries?

8. On 19 February 2010, MIG-29 K has entered service with the Indian Navy. In this context, what was the size of the deal that India signed with Russia in January 2010 under which the Indian Navy would acquire 29 additional MiG-29Ks, bringing the total number of MiG-29Ks on order to 45?

9. How many foreign instruments were hosted in India's Maiden Mission to Moon Chandrayan -I ?

10. Which month is observed as National Poetry Month in USA and Canada?

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  • Precaution while using Microscope


    When you pick up the microscope and walk with it, grab thearmwith one hand and place your other hand on the bottom of thebase. Be sure to clean and disinfect the eyepiece! The eyes, nose, and mouth spread germs and bacteria very easily, and its realistic someone could catch an infection from a dirty eyepiece. So wipe it down well with a soft cloth and disinfectant glass cleaner after every use.

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