General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. 'Tireless voice- Relentless Journey' is the autobiography of which of the following BJP leaders? (It was recently released)

2. On which of the following dates falls the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, ?

3. Which among the following is the venue of Yonex-Sunrise Badminton Asia Championship, biggest badminton competition in India since the 1982 Asian Games?

4. How many Government / Public Sector Undertakings are registered with both BSE & NSE?

5. Recently Union cabinet approved a stake sale in the company SAIL in two trenches. How much amount will be raised by the FPO?

6. For growers of which of the following commodity, a Rs241 crore debt relief package was approved recently?

7. Instead of the $974 million earmarked in the original contract inked between India and Russia in January 2004 for the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, India finally agreed to pay as much as ____________ for refit?

8. Which among the following is India's first standard gauge depot as DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited ) unveils this depot on February 22, 2010?

9. Which of the following companies has launched a new multi-city community-based five on five recreational basketball league in India in association with National Basketball Association?

10. The consular and passport division (CPV) of the external affairs ministry plans to set up how many passport seva kendras across the country by 2011? (This project of Rs. 100 Crore is in partnership with TCS)

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