General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. Which of the following countries has won a maximum of Gold medals in recently held 2010 Winter Olympics ?

2. "Transforming Lives " is the new tagline of which of the following PSU?

3. The consular and passport division (CPV) of the external affairs ministry plans to set up how many passport seva kendras across the country by 2011? (This project of Rs. 100 Crore is in partnership with TCS)

4. Renewable electricity certificate (REC) are Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) initiative which are a type of environmental commodity intended to provide an economic incentive for electricity generation from renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power. Which among the following states in India has become the first state to notify the final regulations on REC mechanism?

5. Recently Union cabinet approved a stake sale in the company SAIL in two trenches. How much amount will be raised by the FPO?

6. In which state is located the Dholera SIR Regional Development Authority (DSRDA)which is first concrete step in turning an Special Investment Region (SIR) into reality that will have an investment of Rs.1 lakh crore (Rs.1 trillion/$21.7 billion) as the state government issuing a notification for the setting up of the region ?

7. Which among the following is/ are correct statement's) regarding India's new Chief Justice SH Kapadia?

8. What is the total number of new reconstituted National Integration Council ?

9. Which among the following is the venue of Yonex-Sunrise Badminton Asia Championship, biggest badminton competition in India since the 1982 Asian Games?

10. Which state is the winner of BC Roy Trophy ? (2010)

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