General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. Who among the following is not a winner of Outstanding Parliamentary Award ?

2. Which among the following Oscar Academy Award movie is based upon United States Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team during the Iraq War.?

3. The Bihar Special Security Group (amendment) Bill 2010 which was recently passed in Bihar legislative assembly seeks to provide security cover to the former chief ministers of state for _________ ?

4. In context with the Savings and investment trends as per the "World Development Indicators 2009 " released by World Bank, which among the following are world's largest surplus & largest deficit countries?

5. Recently India received Second Phalcon AWACS (airborne warning and control systems), or "eyes in the sky'', from Israel. This comes under a deal worth $1.1 billion , signed in 2004. The mounting of Phalcon AWACS is a tripartite project including India, Israel and ______?

6. Which among the following country is a signatory to NPT (nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) ?

7. The 2011 Census of India which is 15th census, is having for the first time a biometric element. This means that every person over a certain age will be photographed and fingerprinted to create a biometric national database. What is the minimum age?

8. 'SIMBEX' is series of annual bilateral exercises between the Indian Navy and _______?

9. How many navies are taking part in the Milan Exercise of Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean ?

10. To which of the following country did United Nations Special send an special Enoy Tomas Quintana on a five day visit to assess the progress on human rights?

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