General Awareness - July 2002 - Test -01

1. 'East Timor' which became a new independent nation was earlier a part of

2. The population of which of the following countries is reducing very fast and may get reduced to half of present by 2050 ?

3. Koneru Humpy is associated with which of the following areas ?

4. As per the ruling given by the Supreme Court of India, the candidates for the Lok Sabha & Assembly elections will be required to disclose their
(A) Educational qualifications
(B) Assets
(C) Antecedents

5. The XVII Commonwealth Games will be organised in July-August 2002 in .......

6. Which of the following is TRUE about the debate on the situation of Gujarat held in the Parliament recently ?
(A) The NDA government got 281 votes while opposition got only 194 votes.
(B) The debate continued for about 16 hours.
(C) The motion was put up by the NDA Govt. itself.

7. Ms. Mayawati, who was recently in news, is from which of the following political parties ?

8. India has recently purchased 8 gun locating radars from

9. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the two-day All India Conference of Heads of Panchayats held recently ?
(A) The Conference- was held in Bhubaneshwar in April 2002.
(B) The Sarparichs of the Panchayat are now equivalent to the Members of the Parliament
(C) The Conference was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Vajpayee.

10. Who amongst the following is the author of the book "Empire Falls", which was in news recently ?

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    Exercise for Gallstone Relief

    Exercise is essential in cases of gallstones as physical inactivity can lead to lazy gall-bladder type indigestion which may ultimately result in the formation of stones. Yogic asanas which are beneficial in toning up the liver and gallbladder are: sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, shalabhasana, dhanurasana and bhujangasana. Even walking, however, can assist in the relief of this condition. The only time exercise should be avoided is during the acute attack, or after the internal application of oils to encourage movement of the stones.

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