General Awareness - July 2002 - Test -01

1. Why was Sri Manohar Joshi recently in news?

2. Which of the following will be the Cash Reserve Ratio of banks w.e.f. June 15, 2002?

3. Mr. Hun Sen, who was in news recently, is the

4. Who amongst the following was the chairperson of the National Commission to Review the working of the Constitution (NCRWC) ?

5. India has recently purchased 8 gun locating radars from

6. Which of the following is the first transgenic or genetically engineered crop in India ?

7. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the two-day All India Conference of Heads of Panchayats held recently ?
(A) The Conference- was held in Bhubaneshwar in April 2002.
(B) The Sarparichs of the Panchayat are now equivalent to the Members of the Parliament
(C) The Conference was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Vajpayee.

8. The International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed on

9. Which of the following is the correct description of 'BrahMos', the acronym for Brahmaputra-Moscow ?
(A) It is a joint project of India and Russia wherein Russia will help India in controlling the flooding of river Brahmaputra.
(B) It is the name of the project undertaken by India and Russia in the field of space research.
(C) This is the name of the supersonic anti-ship cruise missile developed jointly by India and Russia.

10. Mr. Yasser Arafat, who was in news recently, was held captive by which of the following ?

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