General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following vitamins promote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings?

2. Which is the largest organ in the human body?

3. The function of hemoglobin is

4. Which is the largest gland in the human body?

5. Malaria is a disease which effects the

6. Pyorrhea is a disease of the

7. What is the body temperature of a normal man?

8. The telephone was invented by

9. ECG is used for the diagnosis of aliments of

10. The largest part of the human brain is the

General Knowledge

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    Cooling Down Elongating front and back

    Lie on your back with legs outstretched and arms extending behind your head. Stretch the front of the body by extending from toes to palms. Imagine touching both sides of the room. Now press through your heels and up to your fingernails, drawing your abdominal muscles toward the floor. Feel the stretch along the back of the body. Sense the difference between front and back.

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