General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers

1. The author of the book ?Time machine? is:

2. Dhyan Chand was:

3. Food is normally digested in the

4. Which book has been printed in the maximum number of languages and these scripts?

5. The language with the richest vocabulary is:

6. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

7. Which of he following is he author of play/book ?Yashodhara?:

8. The play/book ?Shakuntala? was written by:

9. Dialysis is used for the treatment of

10. The book ?We Indians? was written by:

General Knowledge

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    The first 10 questions are very important

    The greatest fluctuations in your score depend on how you fare on the first 10 questions of a given section because of the GMAT s computer adaptive format. It s important to make sure that you take your time on these questions, because they carry the most weight on the test. That doesn t mean, however, that you should spend nearly all of your time perfecting these questions. Just because performing well on them raises your low score floor that doesn t necessarily mean you want to be sitting on that floor when the test is over. Leaving questions blank near the end of the test because you didn t have enough time to answer them can cost you valuable points that will drastically lower your percentile rank. It s best to pace yourself, ensuring that you have time to give each question a thorough look. You re harshly penalized for having questions unanswered, says Mitchell. Oftentimes, people will devote tons of time to the first questions, but then they really fall behind. You ve got to finish strong as well.

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