General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers

1. A cow is tethered in the middle of a field with a 14 feet long rope. If the cow grazes 100 sq. ft. per day, then approximately what time will be taken by the cow to graze the whole field ?

2. If the value of x lies between 0 & 1 which of the following is the largest?

3. The largest copper producing country in the World is

4. Where is the wheel and axle plant of Indian Railways situated?

5. A clock is set right at 8 a.m. The clock gains 10 minutes in 24 hours. What will be the true time when the clock indicates 1 p.m. on the following day?

6. A train which travels at a uniform speed due to some mechanical fault after traveling for an hour goes at 3/5th of the original speed and reaches the destination 2 hrs late.If the fault had occurred after traveling another 50 miles the train would have reached 40 min earlier. What is distance between the two stations.

7. The simple interest on a certain sum of money for 3 years is 225 and the compound interest on the same sum at the same rate for 2 years is 153 then the principal invested is

8. The first locomotive which was manufactured in Chittaranjan on

9. If the radius of a circle is diminished by 10%, then its area is diminished by:

10. Indian Railways which is the largest of the Public Sector Enterprises, is divided in how many regions?

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