General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers

1. Humidity is measured by which of the following instrument?

2. The constellation Sapta-Rishi is known to westerns as the

3. The real executive power under a Parliamentary Government rests with

4. Taoism is a school of

5. The most abundant element in the earth's crust is

6. Indravati Hydroelectric Project is the multipurpose projet of

7. IMF is the result of

8. The Difference between Gross Domestic product and Net Domestic product is

9. "Nadi Ke Dweep" is the creation of

10. The British Parliament can do everything except make a woman a man and a woman a man?To whom is this statement ascribed?

General Knowledge

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  • Precaution while using Homeopathy


    A debatable topic when it comes to homoeopathy. With recent research studies it has been explained that if you follow: not to have anything half an hour before and after the medicine rule then coffee does no harm even if you are taking homoeopathic medicines BUT for some homoeopathic medicines coffee acts as an antidote; as there are medicines prepared by using coffee in the crude as well as in the roasted form. That is why your homoeopath will be a right person to guide you whether coffee will do or not along with the homoeopathic medicines you are taking.

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