General Knowledge - General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers

1. During the period of Renaissance, the new style of architecture first developed in

2. U Thant Award is given for

3. Srinagar is situated on the bank of the river

4. Which of the following prizes is given by the UNESCO?

5. The Barrah dacoity was the first major venture of the revolutionary terrorists of the freedom movement in

6. Carl Edward Sagan is a famous American astronomer and author. Which book (s) is/are written by him?

7. Dan Brown is a famous writer of thriller fiction. Which book/s is/are written by him?

8. Who was the first Test centurion in Indian Cricket?

9. Who among the following were popularly known as Red Shirts?

10. 'Abhinav Bharat' was orgonised by

General Knowledge

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  • Top American Roadside Attractions

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