General Awareness - September 2002

1. Information in a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called

2. In a refrigerator, the cooling system should always be

3. Molasses a by-product in the manufacture of sugar, is converted into

4. Funds which flow into a country to take advantage of favourable rates of interest in that country is called

5. In Centre-State Financial relations in India, Gadgil Formula is used in:

6. Which ruler murdered his father, Bimbisara to ascend the throne ?

7. The surface tension of water on adding detergent to it

8. Under which one of the following writs an official can be prevented from taking an action which he is officially not entitled ?

9. Submarines move under water. They have engines that run on

10. The policy that deals with the tax and expenditure policies of the Govern ment is called '

General Knowledge

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  • Chinese New Year

    Thirteenth day

    On the 13th day people will eat pure vegetarian food in the belief that it will clean out their stomachs due to consuming too much food over the preceding two weeks.This day is dedicated to the General Guan Yu, also known as the Chinese God of War. Guan Yu was born in the Han dynasty and is considered the greatest general in Chinese history. He represents loyalty, strength, truth, and justice. According to history, he was tricked by the enemy and was beheaded.Almost every organization and business in China will pray to Guan Yu on this day. Before his life ended, Guan Yu had won over one hundred battles and that is a goal that all businesses in China want to accomplish. In a way, people look at him as the God of Wealth or the God of Success.

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