General Awareness - September 2002

1. The basic chemical building block of natural rubber obtained from trees is

2. Which of these is produced by a mould ?

3. Which is a port in India having a free trade zone ?

4. In Centre-State Financial relations in India, Gadgil Formula is used in:

5. Direct Democracy is a system of Government in which

6. Which of the following events occurred first?

7. In upper layer of atmosphere ozone is formed by

8. Which metal does not undergo corrosion due to the formation of oxide layer ?

9. The biological death of a patient means the death of tissues of the

10. Rajya Sabha has no role in

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  • Benefits of Maizes

    Benefits In Pregnancy

    The folate levels and the iron content keep the hemoglobin levels up in pregnant women and prevent neural defects in the growing fetus. Domesticated maize grows to a height of eight feet (2.5 meters). It is typically planted in rows to make it easy to harvest the female ears once they mature. The crop is also surprisingly vulnerable to pests and drought, given its global importance as a food source.

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