General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -05

1. Which of the following is optical illusion ?

2. World's First Test Tube Dolphins were born in

3. Which of, the following is a Vitamin ?

4. Who was the captain of the Indian hockey team that won the Champions Challenge Cup at Kualalumpur in 2001?

5. A high Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)

6. Who received Booker prize for the Book "Half a Life" ?

7. What is the epicentre of an Earth quake ?

8. Through which of the given regions does the equator run ?

9. Western disturbances cause rainfall in the following Indian states during winter.

10. Which of the following states has international borders with three countries?

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  • Rules to play Horseshoes

    Temporary and or raised courts

    The regulations for temporary and or raised courts are the same as for permanent ground level courts with the exception that for any raised court, the top of the pit shall be no more than 7 inches above the level of the pitching platforms. In addition, the 4 inch pit substance requirement is recommended, but not mandatory.The 40 ft. distance for elevated platforms shall be measured from the front of the bottom of the stake, at floor level before the substance is put into the pit.
    Note: The NHPA realizes that many sets of courts now in existence do not meet all of the conditions listed in Rule 1. All new courts shall be constructed using the guidelines in Rule 1 and charters are encouraged to modify their existing courts to meet these standards as soon as possible.

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