General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -05

1. Who was the founder of the city of Agra ?

2. A warm-blooded animal is

3. A great astronomer and mathematician during the Gupta period was

4. Money Bills can be introduced in the Lok Sabha with the prior permission of the

5. Which of the following is the largest museum ?

6. A situation of large number of firms producing similar goods is termed as

7. Ad Valorem tax is levied

8. Which amidst the following countries of the European Union has not adopted the single currency Euro ?

9. Which of the following is optical illusion ?

10. What is the epicentre of an Earth quake ?

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    Ball out of play

    If the ball touches the plane of the side line, it is out of play. Side lines move with the ropes (if ropes are being used). A free throw is given to the team that didnt have possession, from the place the ball went out. You must take the throw from where the ball left the pitch.If the ball touches the goal line, it is also out of play. The goal lines move with the plane of the face of the goal (see diagram below). If the defending team was last to touch the ball, a free throw from either corner is given to the attacking team. If the attacking team was last to touch the ball, then a free throw from the goal line is given to the defending team. The throw can be taken from anywhere along the goal line.The ball is not in play until it travels 1 metre horizontally if someone touches the ball before it has gone this far, they are penalised.You can not purposely bounce the ball off another player or their kit and off the pitch to get a sideline or corner throw. This gets you a green card.

    In the above diagram, the red region is out of play, and the blue is in play.The ball is also out of play if it hits a rope suspending a goal. A goal line throw or corner is given as normal.If the ball hits an object (like the ceiling or a water slide), the ball is given to the team who did not have it when it was thrown against the obstruction. The thinking is this ceilings and obstructions are always there, so if you are silly enough to throw the ball against them, tough luck! (The only exceptions are things like overhead wires which cant easily be seen).

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