General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -05

1. Who was the captain of the Indian hockey team that won the Champions Challenge Cup at Kualalumpur in 2001?

2. This Indian film star's wax statue was installed at Madame Tussaud's gallery in London.

3. Who was the founder of the city of Agra ?

4. Persons who are colour-blind can not distinguish between

5. Western disturbances cause rainfall in the following Indian states during winter.

6. A high Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)

7. An athlete runs before long jump to get advantage on

8. Who is the security person who shot dead the highest number of the members of the suicide squad of terrorists who attacked the Parliament on the 13th December 2001 ?

9. The greatest Kushan leader who got converted to Buddhism was

10. World's First Test Tube Dolphins were born in

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