General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -05

1. Which ofthe following is the hardest substance in the human body ?

2. Which amidst the following countries of the European Union has not adopted the single currency Euro ?

3. National Income at factor cost is equal to

4. Which is the country that was admitted to the WTO in November 2001 at Doha ?

5. Money Bills can be introduced in the Lok Sabha with the prior permission of the

6. Which of the following was built by Akbar to commemorate his conquest of Khandesh in Gujarat ?

7. A situation of large number of firms producing similar goods is termed as

8. An athlete runs before long jump to get advantage on

9. Western disturbances cause rainfall in the following Indian states during winter.

10. Through which of the given regions does the equator run ?

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  • Rules to play Kickball


    Each game shall have two 2 participating teams: the Away team, which kicks first each inning, and the Home team, which kicks last each inning. While fielding, each team must field at least eight 8 and no more than eleven 11 players, which must include one pitcher and one catcher at any time during the game. For a given game, each team shall have one Captain and one CoCaptain collectively the Captains who are jointly responsible for the team. The Captains may discuss calls with the Head Referee, but must accept the Head Referees final ruling. Other players besides the Captains that dispute calls with the Referees are subject to ejection from the game .

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