General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -06

1. The Muslim League adopted the resolution for a separate nation in the year

2. Cochin refineries is in

3. Sugarcane is a native of

4. Which of the following regions in India is the richest * in iron and coal deposits ?

5. Which one of the following countries is smaller than India ?

6. 'Nippon' is the name given to Japan which means

7. Who is the Director General of the WTO ?

8. In which State have Indian Railways introduced "Palace on Wheels" to promote tourism ?

9. The river which joins Ganga from southern side is

10. Capt. Saunders, the English Police Officer was shot dead by

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  • Jumping Jacks

    Building Step jump

    The Building Step jump utilizes the Engineers ability to stand on his own buildings in order to reach ledges that are at a medium height. It is executed by simply crouch jumping on top of a building and using the height gained to crouch jump up to the target ledge. While Sentry Guns are slightly taller than Dispensers, for this purpose, Dispensers are often more convenient to use due to a lower metal cost; there is almost no practical advantage to step jumping off of a Teleporter. Contrary to some expectations, the building does not have to be fully constructed or upgraded; the height it gives when stood on is constant, regardless of its animation and level.

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