General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -06

1. Who wrote "Ain-i-Akbah" the great historical work ?

2. Capt. Saunders, the English Police Officer was shot dead by

3. Cellulose is the chief constituent of

4. Carrot is a rich source of Vitamin

5. Selling cost means

6. Krisfinadevaraya maintained friendly relations with the

7. The city of Dhillika (Delhi) was founded by

8. Cochin refineries is in

9. The man behind the first railway line in India was

10. In which State have Indian Railways introduced "Palace on Wheels" to promote tourism ?

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  • Famous Indian Scientists

    Sujoy K Guha

    Sujoy Kumar Guha is an Indian biomedical engineer He was born in Patna, India, in 1939 He did his undergraduate degree (BTech) in electrical engineering from IIT Kharagpur, followed by a Masters Degree in electrical engineering at IIT, and another Masters degree from the University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign He later received his PhD in Medical Physiology from St Louis University He then founded the Centre for Biomedical Engineering , IIT Delhi and AIIMS and also obtained his MBBS degree from Delhi University One of the founders of Biomedical engineering in India, Prof Guha is internationally renowned in the areas of Rehabilitation Engineering, Bioengineering in Reproductive Medicine and Technology for Rural Health Care He has received several awards and has more than 100 research papers in cited journals His major contributions have been in the indigenously developed nonhormonal polymer based injectable male contraceptive (RISUG) for which the Final PhaseIII Clinical trials are underway; Problemsolving at a national level regarding contraceptives in mass usage, especially Copper T; individualized spot airconditioning system for hospital patients and rehabilitation of the blind, with emphasis on opening automobile repair as an employment avenue

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