General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -08

1. The device which transfer the signal from low resistance region to high resis tance region is

2. Which team was defeated by the Indian Hockey team at the Champions Challenge Cup tournament held at Kuala Lumpur in 2001 ?

3. Food for the developing foetus is sup plied by the

4. The importance of perspiration is to

5. The duties levied on alcoholic liquors, narcotic drugs and opium come under

6. Short term loans to correct Balance of payments problems is given by

7. How many times does the heart beat approximately in a minute in humans ?

8. A disease caused by fungus is

9. G-15 is a group of

10. Which is the country that was admitted to the WTO in November 2001 at Doha?

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    Safety profile

    Papayas contain white milk like latex substance, which can cause irritation to skin and provoke allergic reaction in some sensitized persons.Ripe papaya fruit can be safely used by pregnantwomen. Unripe, green papaya should be avoided in them since it contains a lot ofpapain, a proteolytic enzyme that used commercially to tenderize meat. In addition to unripepapaya; its seeds, latex, and leaves also containcarpaine, an alkaloid which could be dangerous when eaten in high doses. Unripe papaya, however, can be eaten safely as a cooked vegetable.

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