General Awareness - September 2002 - Test -08

1. Information Technology is the com ing together of

2. An electronic device that produces sounds from instructions in a midi file is a

3. What was the original name of the "Shaheed Minar" in Kolkata ?

4. The importance of perspiration is to

5. Who has won the most men's Grand Slam (Tennis) Singles Titles ?

6. Protein is considered as a

7. Which of toe.following is arranged in order of decreasing conductivity ?

8. Which amidst the following countries of the European Union has not adopted the single currency Euro ?

9. The East Indian Railway Company was established in

10. Rabies is caused by

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  • Fastest Vehicles Known To The Human Race
  • New Years Food Ideas
  • Rules to play Roller Skating
  • Precautions while using Earphones
  • GK Chemistry
  • Benefits of Avocado

  • Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

    Check the electrical supply is safe to use

    You should be sure that the electrical supply is safe to use. Regular tests performed by a competent person, using suitable equipment are a good way of reducing risks. Where there is evidence that the supply may not be safe, such as damaged equipment or wiring, the supply should not be used until work has been done to correct this. Some simple user checks can be carried out on electrical socket outlets using an electrical socket tester, but it is essential that the correct type of tester is used . If any doubt remains regarding the safety of the electrical supply, a competent person should be consulted.

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