J & K Combined Services- Competent (Prelims) Exam September 2002 Solved Question Papers

1. MVS-1000 is the name given to

2. The rise and fall of the sea-water at the surface at constant intervals is known as

3. The President of which of the following countries was dismissed by the respective Parliament in July 2001 ?

4. 53rd Session of the UN Subcommission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights was held during August 2001 at

5. Which of the following is not a, planet of the sun ?

6. The removal of top soil by water or wind is called

7. The Constitution Ninety-first Amendment Bill passed by the Parliament in the Monsoon Session deals with the

8. Madurai was the capital of the

9. Who among the following is the first Indian 1o be elected as Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg ?

10. What was,the original name of Tantia Tope, a leader of the Indian Uprising of 1857?

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