J & K Combined Services- Competent (Prelims) Exam September 2002 Solved Question Papers

1. The first Indian ruler, who established the supremacy of Indian navy in the Arabian Sea, was

2. Madurai was the capital of the

3. Who was the pioneer of the higher education for Muslims in India ?

4. The Constitution Ninety-first Amendment Bill passed by the Parliament in the Monsoon Session deals with the

5. The university which became famous in the post-Gupta era was

6. Who among the following kings used to keep direct contact with the public ?

7. What was,the original name of Tantia Tope, a leader of the Indian Uprising of 1857?

8. Who antong the following won the Women's 100 metre final in the World Track and Field Championships held in Edmonton in August 2001 ?

9. Who among the following is the first Indian 1o be elected as Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg ?

10. The President of which of the following countries was dismissed by the respective Parliament in July 2001 ?

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