J & K Combined Services- Competent (Prelims) Exam September 2002 Solved Question Papers

1. According to Lord Keynes, interest rate is determined by the supply and demand for

2. A financial instrument is called a 'primary security' if it represents the liability of

3. 'No taxation without representation' is the well-known slogan associated with the

4. Water stored in a dam exerts pressure

5. Gen. Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, who came to India for the IndoPak Summit, visited which of the following cities ?

6. The vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our body is

7. Which one- of the following is an example of a chemical change ?

8. Hardness of water is caused by the soluble salts of

9. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) came into existence with

10. Which of the following is not a function of the Gram Panchayats ?

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  • Precaution while using Microscope

    Main problem

    Microscopists know how to align their microscope but few align themselves! Many users are slumpers and need training to avoid problems later. Optical or light microscopy involves passing visible light transmitted through or reflected from the sample through a single or multiple lensesto allow a magnified view of the sample.The resulting image can be detected directly by the eye, imaged on a photographic plate orcaptured digitally. The single lens with its attachments, or the system of lenses and imaging equipment, along with the appropriate lighting equipment, sample stage and support, makes up the basic light microscope. The most recent development is the digital microscope, which uses a CCD camera to focus on the exhibit of interest. The image is shown on a computer screen, so eye pieces are unnecessary.

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