General Knowledge - General Awareness

1. Which of the following animals was generally not known to the Indus Valley People

2. Which of the following is not one of the important steps in processing tea leaves

3. Which amongst the following countries has the largest number of people of Indian origin?

4. What is the colour of the "Dharma Chakra" in the middle of our National Flag?

5. Which of the following is not a Biosphere Reserve

6. Which is the UN agency associated with children's work :

7. A place where wild animals live

8. What is the length of metalled roads in Uttar Pradesh?

9. Which of the following paper sizes is the largest?

10. Where is the National Sugar Research Institute situated?

General Knowledge

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    Camels Really Store Water in Their Humps

    A camel can survive seven days without water, but not because they are carrying large reserves inside their humps Theyre able to avoid dehydration that would kill most other animals, thanks in large part to oval shaped red blood cells As far as that hump goes, its nothing more than a big mound of fat, though a useful one at that the lump provides camels with the same amount of energy as three weeks of food If theres any body part that excels at retaining water, the award goes to the camels kidneys and intestines These organs are so efficient that a camels urine comes out thick as syrup and their feces is so dry, it can fuel fires.

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