General Knowledge - General Awareness

1. Match the pair of Organization: A.National Sugar Institute B.Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited C.Institute of Military Law D.Institute of National Integration Location: 1.Dehradun 2.Kamptee 3.Pune 4.Hyderabad 5.Kanpur

2. Who among the following founded the Indian Statistical Institute?

3. National Youth Day is observed on

4. Which one of the following statement is not correct?

5. Who among the following was selected for the 2001 Dada Saheb Phalke Award

6. Total time taken by a person in going to a place by walking and returning on cycle is 5 hours 45 minutes. He would have gained 2 hours by cycling both ways. The time taken by him to walk both ways is

7. Which day is the International Human Rights Day?

8. A car travels the first one third of a certain distance with a speed of 10 km/hr, the next one third distance with a speed of 20 km/hr and the last one-third distance with a speed of 60 km/hr. The average speed of the car for whole journey is

9. Which one of the following is not identified by Central Pollution control Board as heavily polluting industry?

10. Who built the Ibadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri?

General Knowledge

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