General Knowledge - General Awareness

1. In which of the following years was the first Railways line between Bombay and Thane laid?

2. Which of the following states did not come into being in 1987?

3. Which among the following countries was the earliest to give women the right to vote?

4. The author of the book 'My Experiments With Truth' is

5. Which of the following cities of India is called the "Silicon Valley of India"?

6. The International Court of Justice has

7. English is the official language of which one of the following Indian States?

8. Who built the Ibadatkhana at Fatehpur Sikri?

9. Three flags, each of different colour, are available for a military exercise. Using these flags, different codes can be generated by waving i. Single flag of different colours or ii. Any two flags in a different sequence of colour, or iii. Three flags in a different sequence of colours The maximum no of codes that can be generated is

10. Lines on a map, where pressures are equal, are called

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