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1. After the permanent settlement, what fraction of the revenue derived by the Zamindars to the Company was to be remitted?

2. Which among the following two El Niño Years led to the disastrous Chhappania Akal in India?

3. “Many millennia ago, _________and India were joined as one landmass. Today we are separated by the waters of the Indian Ocean but our connections are deep…"
The blank space in the above statement which was recently made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is correctly filled by which among the following?

4. Where is located Asthenosphere?

5. Consider the following statements regarding Graphene and Fullerene: 1. Graphene is 2 dimensional , Fullerene is generally 3 dimensional2. Graphene is SP2 allotrope of Carbon, while Fullerene is SP3 allotrope of Carbon3. Graphene does not dissolve in petrol but fullerenes dissolveWhich among the above statements is / are correct?

6. Who among the following appoints a Judge in the High Court of Indian state?

7. Consider the following: 1. Iron 2. Molybdenum 3. Magnesium Which among the above play important role in Biological Nitrogen Fixation?

8. Mention the place where Buddha attained enlightment?

9. Which among the following is measured by an Odometer?

10. What do we call an arrangement whereby an issuing Bank at the request of the Importer (Buyer) undertakes to make payment to the exporter (Beneficiary) against stipulated documents?

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