General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. In which year, Submarine Telegraphy System was opened between India and Europe?

2. Consider the following facts about a pioneer social reformer of Maharastra:
1. He is widely considered to be the first journalist and editor in Marathi Language.
2. He started a weekly Bombay Darpan in 1832 and Digdarshan in 1840
3. His many works include the books in history & math for children
Identify this personality from the given names:

3. The Treaty of Amiens finally made Ceylon as _________?

4. "The British Empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction, and tyrannical and mean"
Which among the following Europeans is known to have made this statement?

5. Which among the following is the correct set of G4 nations?

6. Investment in which among the following is the Most Risk Free asset of a Bank as per the RBI guidelines?

7. Consider the following statement about the Ug99, the stem rust of wheat epidemic, which was making news recently: 1. Ug99 is caused by the races of a fungus known as Puccinia graminis2. Ug99 affects cereal crops most predominantly Wheat 3. It is named so because it was discovered in Uganda in 1999Which among the above statements is / are correct?

8. Though the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA provides a legal guarantee for at least 100 days of wage employment to every rural household in every financial year, yet the average number of days of employment provided per household was 42 days during 2007-08; 48 days during 2008-09 and 54 days during 2009-10. What could be the most probable reason for this ?

9. Which among the following scheme is related exclusively to Financial Inclusion?

10. Kuno Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is being proposed as a new home for some relocated Gir lions from Gujarat, is located in which among the following states?

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