General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Among the following states, which one has the most suitable climatic conditions for the cultivation of a large variety of orchids with minimum cost of production, and can develop an export oriented industry in this field ?

2. Consider the following: 1. Department of Space2. Department of Telecommunications3. India Meteorological Department4. All India Radio 5. DoordarshanWhich among the above are in the Joint venture of Indian National Satellite System (INSAT)?

3. Which among the following was endorsed by the G-20, at its Seoul meeting in November 2010?

4. On February 18, 1911, the first commercial plane flew in India between which among the following cities?

5. Who among the following served as first Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund?

6. Who among the following is the first Indian to score a century in Indian Premier League (IPL)?

7. We read in the newspapers that the Foreign Direct Investments are preferred over the Capital Inflow. In this context, please consider the following : 1. FDI brings in latest technology2. FDI does not involve large outflow3. FDI Improves efficiency of the economyWhich among the above is / are most suitable reasons for the given statement?

8. All Minority Educational Institutions are entitled to exercise rights enshrined in which among the following articles of Constitution of India?

9. An Inland water transit and trade protocol exists between India and which among the following neighbors?

10. Which among the following does not correctly denote the country-currency pair?

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