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1. RBI has 4 Deputy Governors viz. Shymala Gopinath, K C Chakrabarty, Subir Gokarn and Anand Sinha. As per norms, two deputy governors are appointed from within the RBI. Who among the above have been promoted from within RBI?

2. Consider the following recommendations of a committee in pre-independence era:
1. Short term measure: 1 Primary health center per 40,000 population, 30 beds,3 Sub centers and 2 medical officers
2. Long term programme:Primary health units with a 75 bedded hospital per 10,000 -20,000 population;secondary health units with 650 bedded hospital, Regional Health units with 2,500 beds
This committee had triggered the public health reforms in India. Identify the name of this committee from the given options:

3. As per the latest definition by International System of Units, the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine (microwave) levels of the ground state (at 0° K) of which of the following atoms makes one second?

4. Recently BlackBerry smartphone was in controversies. In which among the following countries is based the Research In Motion Limited (RIM), the developers of BlackBerry?

5. What is the number of Green House Gases, as recognized by the Kyoto Protocol?

6. ©Brain also known as the first computer virus for MS-DOS was written by two brothers belonging to which among the following countries?

7. Which among the following country administers "Coco Islands" located in Andaman sea?

8. After failure of which among the following movements, the Swaraj Party was formed?

9. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently raised the interest rate on savings bank deposits and the repo rate by 50 basis points (bps). In this context, consider the following:
1. CASA Ratio
2. Net Interest Margin
Which among the above of the commercial banks would be affected by the above step taken by the Reserve Bank of India?

10. In which of the following states of India, world's first Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership was started a few months back?

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    Based on cultural and historical impact, along with its unique location, the Odeon of Herodes makes the top of the list. The odeon was built in 161 A.D. by Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife, and sits in Athenian Acropolis. Herodes was the richest Athenian at the time. Though he was Greek but was a privileged Roman citizen and was highly popular due this vast knowledge. He married a beautiful Roman woman "Rigilla" who died young. Thus the Odeon (of Rigilla previously) was constructed in her memory which also happened to function as a theater.

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