General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. A resolution by which among the following established the Planning commission in 1950 as an extra constitutional body?

2. With which of the following dance forms the name of Lata Pada is associated with ?

3. The Hindu and Jain mythology refer to which among the following as the centre of the universe?

4. Consider the following countries:1. Equatorial Guinea2. Democratic Republic of Congo 3. GabonWhich among the following is a common statement about all of the three countries?

5. The pH of Human Blood is ___?

6. Recently, which among the following Rating agency has launched a grading of the educational institutions , to begin with the business management schools of the country?

7. A particular cell organelle is sometimes referred certain enzymes that can break down the cell components or even the whole cell. which one of the following is such an organelle ?

8. Consider the following: 1. Allotting of the shares of net proceeds of taxes2. Laying down Lays down principles governing grants in aid3. Looking into the financial relations between the central government and the state GovernmentsThe above mentioned functions are carried out by which among the following?

9. "Never before was perpetrated an act of Injustice as flagrant as readjustment of the cotton duties in favour of Lancashire".
The above reaction against the imposition of Tariff and Cotton Duties Act of 1894 and 1896 was given by which among the following leaders?

10. India recently has successfully tested the advanced air defense (AAD) interceptor missile. Which among the following is not a country which has developed advanced air defense (AAD) interceptor missile as of now ?

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