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1. Onkar Kanwar, who was recently making news as one of the Highest paid CEOs in the country is Chairman of which among the following?

2. Which is the largest living bird on Earth?

3. Economic Planning comes under which of the following lists ?

4. At which of the following conferences, the text of the United Nations charter was finalized among international leaders?

5. Which among the following Government has recently signed an agreement called "Project Merlin" with 4 major banks of the country?

6. Which among the following country does not come in the "Horn of Africa"?

7. Recently , “oil zapper’’ was in the news. What is it ?

8. Where is located the National Biodiversity Authority ?

9. Which one of the following minerals is found in Monazite Sand?

10. What is the name of the first tri services Joint exercise of Indian Armed Forces conducted in 2009?

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