General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Consider the following statements:
1.The High Yielding Variety Programme (HYVP) was launched in the Kharif of 1966-67
2.The programme generally was successful in the wheat producing zones of the country
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

2. Which among the following is NOT a web browser?

3. Recently, the Government of India has announced the establishment of National Institute of Sports Science and Medicine (NISSM) in which among the following cities?

4. Makran is located in which among the following ?

5. The judges of the supreme court retire at the age of ?

6. Who among the following is heading the Central Government-appointed inquiry (Goa) commission on mining?

7. The project snow leopard to conserve the endangered species, by the union ministry of environment and forests covers the state of ?

8. Currently, we read in the newspapers that G-4 nations are trying to give a fresh momentum to the bid for United Nations Security Council reforms during their meeting on the sidelines of the 66th UN General Assembly Session. Which among the following countries make G-4?

9. Interests payable on savings bank accounts in India is ___

10. Ursula Burns was recently listed in the World's 30 most powerful businesswomen by Forbes 500. She is also the first African-American woman CEO to head a Fortune 500 company. Which among the following company does she head?

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