General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. A satellite can measure the air quality of Delhi every day at 12 noon. It is in which among the following orbits most probably?

2. Who amongst them is the Indian envoy sent by India to Maldives to assess the Maldives situation?

3. Which among the following organization compiles the Global Hunger Index (GHI)?

4. Which among the following committee is known for recommending a 3-tier Panchayati Raj System which includes Zila Parishad at the District Level, Panchayat Samiti at the Block/ Tehsil/ Taluka Level and Gram Panchayat at the Village Level?

5. In the E-waste generated by the Mobile Phones, which among the following metal is most abundant?

6. As of February 2012, How many seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes in Lok Sabha?

7. Which among the following personality is known for mooting the idea of Food Coupons?

8. Consider the following:
1.Region between the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra
2.The Krishna Godavari Delta
3.Marathawada country
A conflict over which among the above are considered to be the reasons of struggle between Vijayanagar and Bahamani kingdoms?

9. Income generated from Tourism can be placed in which among the following?

10. Who among the following is currently heading the Transitional National Council of Libya ?

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