General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. 7, Race Course Road, the official residence of Indian Prime Minister is commonly known as ___?

2. Which among the following country was recently in news for its Stapled Visas to Indians ?

3. Consider the following situations:
1.The President is of the belief that the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha must vacate their offices
2.The Ruling party has lost the confidence in the House and now a new party has claimed to form Government in center
3.Lok Sabha is just dissolved
In which among the above situations, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha have to vacate their offices?

4. Which of the following books has been written by atiq rahimi ?

5. Not a single drop of honey leaks from the bee hive. Why?
1.The Honey is highly viscous
2.The surface tension of honey is high
3.The cells of Bee hive are very small
4.The cells of Bee hive are closed from both ends
Which among the above explain the given statement:

6. The Hydroponics is most closely related to which among the following?

7. The hormonal activities of which of the following substances were discovered while studying "foolish seedling” disease in rice?

8. Consider the following:
2.Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)
Which among the above are generally used in the Absorption refrigerators, used in warehouses?

9. Who among the following was the first Indian sportsman to boycott the Olympic torch relay in support of the Tibetan independence movement.?

10. Consider the following statements about the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY):
1.The food grains included in this scheme are ONLY Rice and Wheat
2.Any BPL family is eligible to get 35 kg grains under AAY every month
3.Central Government bears all the costs including the Distribution Costs
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

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  • Fitness Stretching

    Shoulder Adductor and Extensor Stretch

    Shoulder, Back, and Chest Stretches:

    Stand in a squatting position while facing a doorway with the right shoulder lined up with the left side of the doorjamb. Stick the right arm through the doorway. Grab the inside of the doorjamb at shoulder level with the right hand. While keeping the right arm straight and the feet firmly planted, lower the buttocks toward the floor.

    Affected Body Part:
    Most-stretched muscles: Right posterior deltoid, right middle trapezius, right triceps brachii, right teres major, right rhomboids, right infraspinatus.
    Lesser-stretched muscles: Right latissimus dorsi, right teres minor, right supraspinatus, right serratus anterior.

    A lower squat yields a greater stretch, but be careful not to squat so low that you feel pain in the legs or knees. To reduce strain on the knees, change where you grab the doorjamb. Changing the position of the grasp, however, influences the amount of stretch placed on the various muscles (see variation). Regardless of where you grasp, keep the back straight or arched. Do not bend forward at the waist. To get an even greater stretch, inwardly rotate the trunk.

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