General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Consider the following statements:
1.About 40 per cent of the Indian soils are deficient in sulphur
2.The single super phosphate (SSP) fertilizer has sulphur in it
3.Nutrient Based Subsidy scheme benefits the manufacturers of fertilizers like single super phosphate (SSP)
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

2. The Greek ambassador sent to Chandragupta Maurya's court was ?

3. Economic growth is normally coupled with?

4. Consider the following statements:
1.Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY) has been launched to improve the health and nutrition status of pregnant, lactating women and infants.
2.The scheme envisages Cash Incentives for the above beneficiaries
3.All Government Women Employees are beneficiaries of the IGMSY
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

5. Recently Mayookha Johny, has been in news as a rising sports women. Which among the following is the sports of Mayukha Johny?

6. As per the latest decisions taken by the Government, a person can invest up to which among the following amounts annually in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) saving?

7. The optimum dissolved oxygen level (in mg/liter) required for survival of aquatic organisms is ?

8. Consider the following statements:
1.The regulation and development of inter-state rivers and river valleys was to be entrusted to various River Boards via the River Boards Act 1956.
2.River Boards were designed to advise the central government on development opportunities, coordinate activities and resolve disputes.
3.The Government of India has constituted River Boards for most rivers in India
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

9. Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, India's only dolphin sanctuary, is located in which among the following states of India?

10. Qila Rai Pithora, built by Tomar Rajputs is located in which among the following cities?

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    If you get to break off, you can move the cue ball anywhere in the space to the left of the white line.
    If you pot one of more balls during your break you get another turn. However, the table will remain open so you can choose if you want pot the spots or stripes.
    However, any spotted or striped balls potted during the break wont count until you pot either pattern during your next turn.
    If you pot the cue ball on your break, the opponent gets a ball in hand.
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