General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. A company making a public issue of securities has to file a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with SEBI through an eligible merchant banker prior to filing a prospectus with the Registrar of Companies. What information does this Draft Red Herring Prospectus provide?
1.Financial Details about the company
2.Objects of raising money
3.Price and size of offerings
Choose the correct option:

2. Which among the following state leads in the Infant Mortality Rate in India currently?

3. Africa's 1st woman Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai (71), who recently passed away, worked for rights of women and protection of environment in which among the following countries?

4. Consider the following:
1.Coordination with international financial sector bodies
2.Focus on Financial Inclusion in the country
3.Make efforts towards Financial Literacy
Which among the above is / are the mandates of the newly created Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)?

5. Vasanth Sathe , who recently died is known for spearheading the move to bring which among the following to India 1980s?

6. Recently, famous NGO Vanarai, an organisation working in the field of afforestation, soil and water conservation celebrated its Silver Jubilee. It was established by one of the former deputy chairmen of Union Planning Commission. Identify this personality from the given options:

7. Recently, FDI Limit for terrestrial broadcasting and FM radio was increased from 20% to _____?

8. The optimum dissolved oxygen level (in mg/liter) required for survival of aquatic organisms is ?

9. Consider the following:
1.Patkai hills
2.Manipur hills
3.Mizo hills
4.Naga hills
Which among the above make the Purvanchal Range?

10. Commonwealth Games bronze-medalist Jai Bhagwan is related to which among the following sports?

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  • Simple Science

    The Composition of Water 1

    Water was long thought to be a simple substance, but toward the end of the eighteenth century it was found to consist of two quite different substances, oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H.)

    If we send an electric current through water (acidulated to make it a good conductor), as shown in Figure, we see bubbles of gas rising from the end of the wire by which the current enters the water, and other bubbles of gas rising from the end of the wire by which the current leaves the water. These gases have evidently come from the water and are the substances of which it is composed, because the water begins to disappear as the gases are formed. If we place over each end of the wire an inverted jar filled with water, the gases are easily collected. The first thing we notice is that there is always twice as much of one gas as of the other; that is, water is composed of two substances, one of which is always present in twice as large quantities as the other.

    FIG. - The decomposition of water.

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