General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. To get the Credit History of a company, which among the following should be approached?

2. At which among the following places is located the International Rubber Study Group?

3. India, as a member of which among the following groups has primarily focused on issues such as special safeguard mechanisms and special products that are available to the developing countries to defend sensitivities of millions of resource-poor farmers?

4. The National Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Bill aims to substitute which among the following acts?

5. Baikonur Cosmodrome, world's first and largest operational space launch facility is located in which among the following countries?

6. Consider the following :
1.Biodiversity International
2.International Rice Research center
3.International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
Which among the following represents the correct location of the above?

7. White lung disease is prevalent among the workers of ?

8. How many key infrastructure sectors are known as Core sector in Indian Economy,used for Index of Industrial Production (IIP) data?

9. Now a days Environmental Accounting is making news. What is Environment Accounting?

10. 'Saranda Action Plan', has been recently launched by Rural Development Ministry. It will be implemented firstly in Naxal-hit Saranda forest of which among the following states?

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