General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Consider the following:
1.International Monetary Fund
2.European Commission
3.European Central Bank
With which among the above, Greece had reached an agreement for a financial package to stabilize its economy, after the recent sovereign debt crisis?

2. Recently, which among the following country has completed the deployment of its global positioning satellite group "Glonass"?

3. Consider the following:
1.Oxides of Sulphur
2.Oxides of Nitrogen
3.Particulate matter
Which among the above have been included in the National Air Quality Monitoring Programme?

4. A system known as "Dyarchy" was introduced in India for the first time by the Government of India Act 1919, which implied that the spheres of the various subjects were divided into___?

5. The hormonal activities of which of the following substances were discovered while studying "foolish seedling” disease in rice?

6. Recently, the Reliance Power, a Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) company, has decided to establish India's largest solar power plant in which among the following states of India?

7. Recently, we read in the newspapers that the Government is working to overhaul the MGNREGA programme to rid it of all ‘manmade’ flaws and make the job entitlement more demand driven. In this context, consider the following:
1.The new revamped programme will be tried in 200 districts
2.The emphasis will be on Asset Creation
3.The job will be provided on demand calculated through a labour budget by taking the average employment provided in the past few years.
Which among the above is/ are correct statements?

8. Which among the following is correct in context with the White ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) ?

9. Which among the following country has topped the list of largest foreign remittances in the recent World Bank Report?

10. Consider the following:
In context with the everyday computer applications, which among the above can be classified as Spyware?

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  • Homeopathy


    Bellis perennis
    English daisy, garden daisy, European daisy.

    Key Uses:
  • Muscle strain, sprains, and bruises
  • Pain during pregnancy or after miscarriage or surgery
  • Prolonged pain after injury
  • Tumors on the sites of old injuries
  • Varicose veins and congestion of the veins

    Origin : Found throughout Europe.

    Background : In the 16th century the English herbalist John Gerard noted this plant as a treatment for gout. It has a long tradition of use as a medicinal herb, and is currently being tested as a treatment for HIV infection.

    Preparation : The whole, fresh plant, including the root, is gathered when in flower and steeped in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : Bellis best suits people who are prone to restlessness, insomnia, and angry dreams. They are often sensitive to the cold.
    Key conditions treated by Bellis include muscle strain, sprains, and bruises, including deep bruising to the muscles such as that produced by soccer injuries to the thighs. It is also given to ease pain after surgery, or prolonged pain after injury. The remedy is appropriate where a tumor forms on the site of an old injury or scar.
    Bellis is also used to treat varicose veins and congestion of the veins, possibly when they are associated with physical labor. During pregnancy or following an abortion or miscarriage, the remedy may help ease pain and bruising in the uterus.

    Symptoms Better : For heat; for cold compresses; for continuous movement; for pressure on the painful area; for eating.

    Symptoms Worse : For becoming chilled when hot; for the warmth of the bed; before storms; for touch; for exertion; for childbirth; for injuries; for surgery; on the left side; for cold drinks.

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