General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. At which among the following places, the Government has recently decided to launch a National Institute of Sports Science and Medicine (NISSM)?

2. Red data book gives information about species which are ?

3. Which among the following is the driest desert in Earth?

4. The strong earthquake-cum-tsunami which has moved Japan's main island by a few feet and has caused the earth's axis to wobble is expected to lead to the shortening of the day by ?

5. Consider the following:
1.Repo Rate (RR)
2.Reverse Repo Rate (RRR)
3.Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)
Arrange the above in a decreasing order of their value?

6. Who among the following is the author of The Sense of an Ending?

7. Identify the European power from whom Shivaji obtained and ammunition ?

8. Which among the following is the correct impact of the London Forces in the Cycloalkanes?

9. The competitive devaluation by the countries would badly affect which among the following?

10. Consider the following:
1.Constitution of India
2.An act by the parliament
The problem of "Bonded Labour" has been addressed by which among the above?

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    Designed by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park is a major addition to the citys world renowned public art collection. The fountain consists of two 50 foot glass block towers at each end of a shallow reflecting pool. The towers project video images from a broad social spectrum of Chicago citizens a reference to the traditional use of gargoyles in fountains where faces of mythological beings were sculpted with open mouths to allow water a symbol of life to flow out.Plensa adapted this practice by having faces of Chicago citizens projected on LED screens and having water flow through an outlet in the screen to give the illusion of water spouting from their mouths. The collection of faces Plensas tribute to Chicagoans was taken from a cross section of 1 000 residents. The fountain water features operate during the year between mid spring and mid fall while the images remain on view year round.

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