General Knowledge - Current Affairs, General Awareness Quiz - Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. Singhe-Khababs Festival is celebrated in which among the following states of India?

2. Consider the following:
1.National Insurance Company Ltd.
2.New India Assurance Company Ltd.
3.Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
4.United India Insurance Company Ltd.
Which among the above are in GIPSA?

3. A tourist, who plans to visit a hill station located at very high altitude also wishes to take along his Television Set. In this context, consider the following:
2.Plasma TV
3.Cathode Ray Tube TV
Which among the above are expected to work properly at very high altitudes?

4. The recommendations of which among the following working groups were implemented by the RBI with the introduction of the Base Rate with effect from July 1, 2010?

5. Which among the following state is host to the World Cup Kabaddi 2011?

6. Tiangong 1, which was recently launched by China is a part of it's _____?

7. In India, the dollar-rupee exchange rate depends upon:
1.Government Control
2.Demand-supply balance
3.RBI's Monetary policy
Choose the correct options:

8. Under which among the following acts, Hawala transactions are banned in India?

9. The country rated highest on the Human Development Index as per the UNDP, HDI-2011 report is :

10. In March 2012, in which country is the "The Nuclear Security Summit" going to be held ?

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